Brainfood bookmarks - The Marbles


"Marbles" is the latest addition to the collection of Brainfood bookmarks. Balancing between transparent plexiglass and solid texture, heavy look and light weight, is the perfect accessory for your books. Set of 3.

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Natasha Chatziangeli, the designer of the award winning gift design work Brainfood demonstrates “Brainfood bookmarks is a humoristic approach to reading activity as "food for the brain" therefore, they are shaped in spoon, fork and knife! Depending on the genre you read, you may choose the appropriate BRAINFOOD bookmarker. The spoon shaped is highly recommended for romance novels, classic stories and all kind of manuals. The knife is to accompany your mystery readings, sci fi, comedies and short stories. Finally, you 'll find the fork shaped bookmarker suitable for poetry, books on the supernatural, biographies, as well as books on history and philosophy. Available collection in 4 themes.


A' Design Award Winner - Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Category

Top Design Selection - Selected and Published by International design awards "Top Design"