Design of lucky charm for 2014, I did just the "number boat". Materials and composition by Katerina Koutridou, availiable at

Side table called route14, it is a printed comment on the only one bike route of Thessaloniki, that alows you to ride along and return to the place you started cycling.. All the rest bike routes suddently end. It was made for the exhibition Ride Now, April 2014, Thessaloniki.
From left to right printed white the roads of - egnatia, svolou, tsimiski, nikis av.

Thessaloniki Tourist Information Center

The design of the interior space of the touristic information kiosk of municipality of Thessaloniki, was based on a human-centric approach, where the most important issues as design guidelines were the visitor’s navigation, the quick understanding (at a glance) of the space, the ease of access on all given information, the ability to make the proper choice and to interact with it, so finally the visitor, user of this public space, to obtain an “experience of visiting the Information Center”. Ergonomics, safety, accessibility, daylight, a welcoming atmosphere and proper working conditions were also at my design requirements.

Brainfood bookmarks approach reading activity as "food for the brain" and with a humoristic way they are shaped in spoon, fork and knife! They are formed in thin transparent plexiglass with an also partly transparent image, so they let you see through them the letters of your page.

Depending on the genre you read, you may choose the appropriate BRAINFOOD bookmarker. The spoon shaped is highly recommended for romance novels, classic stories and all kind of manuals. The knife is to accompany your mystery readings, sci fi, comedies and short stories. Finally, you 'll find the fork shaped bookmarker suitable for poetry, books on the supernatural, biographies, as well as books on history and philosophy.

Creating a new design for professional electric shaker of the mixer company called Artemis.

The Weekly Beings Diary is a weekly calendar with a particular sketch, the “being” in each week, waiting for you to draw over it and to create something yours. Planning on the sketch, depending on the mood of the week , primarily using your imagination and with pencils, pens, making collages and everything else clauses, the sketch is transformed into something unique! At the end of the year, the annual group exhibition is organized by the "weekly being" holders. Visit online the exhibition of 2016's diary here.

The project won prize EVGE2015 and has been awarded by Design & Design, International Design Awards. Designed by Natasha Chatziangeli and manufactured in Greece.

Draw your week! Imagine, create, enjoy!

A totally different way to remember the year, draw your week at your weekly beings diary! There are no rules, you can stay in the lines or get the whole page, turn it the upside down and find what this one line sketch, the being, is for you. What does every sketch look like? You draw your week over the being sketch and you create something new, something yours, from your imagination. How was that week? Let's color them! You can participate in the annual Weekly Beings' exhibition with your creations, at the end of the year. This is the fourth year of the project, started for the first time at 2013, creating the diary of 2014. It is limited edition of 200 copies, and the diary size is 15,5 x 11 cm, covered with year with yellow fabric.

You can find it at collaborated stores all over Greece. Check the list at our facebook page, and enjoy every single day of the year!

Concept _ Product _ Installation

Natasha Chatziangeli is a product and installation designer, based in Thessaloniki

Observing people, nature, movements, ways of learning, social activities, reactions, words, Natasha comes up with projects based on everyday life. She enjoys creating products which can be personalized by their users, and installations that leave space for storytelling.

From research on modeling parameters for crowd movement simulation systems to the simple question “why drawing books should be used only by children?” she experiments with the designing process combining science, technology and the arts. She creates products where the final user obtains the feeling that he is involved in the procedure of creating them.

She strongly believes that deconstruction and observation are sisters
She loves avocado tree
She is obsessed with super macro photo shooting

2017 A' Design Award, in Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Category
2016 design and design, winner Weekly beings diary, International Design Awards
2016 design and design, winner Brainfood, International Design Awards
2016 Top Design Selection, selected, BrainFood
2015 Top Design Selection, selected, Louvre
2015 EBGE, greek graphic design & illustration awards, for Weekly Beings project
2014 Silver A' Design Award Winner for Lighting Products Design Category
2014 design and design, winner 27/01, International Design Award

2019 "Parousies, oh so souvenir", Metropolitan Expo Athens, Athens | GR
2018 "40 x 40 Exhibition Budapest", Projekt Galéria, Budapest | HU
2018 "Good Design Greece Exhibition", EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens | GR
2018 "Parousies, oh so souvenir", Metropolitan Expo Athens, Athens | GR
2018 "Utopa International Design Exhibition" ShenNonTaiYangCheng, Zhuzhou | CH
2017 "Good Design Greece Exhibition", Contemporary Space Athens, Athens | GR
2017 "Shenzhen Design Week", Industrial Design Fair Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center | CH
2017 "Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference", The Lalit, Mumbai | IN
2017 "A' design award winners exhibition", MOOD, Ex-Chiesa di San Francesco, Como | IT
2017 "Parousies" Metropolitan Expo Center, Athens | GR
2016 "Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing", FOAID 2016, Mumbai | IN
2016 "It' s all oh, so souvenir to me", Ro Art space, Thessaloniki | GR
2016 "Supparting Students", Stathakeion Centre, Astoria New York | US
2016 "A' design award winners' exhibition", Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade | NL
2016 "A' design award winners' exhibition", Bologna Design Week, Bologna | IT
2015 "Source", Contemporary Pop-Up Designers, Florence | IT
2015 "Supparting Students", New York Design Centre, New York | US
2015 "Design Lab", Technopolis, Athens | GR
2015 "Architecting happiness by Design", WIAD 2015, Thessaloniki |GR
2014 "Top 100 masters of creativity & design", Design Week, Chengdu | CH
2014 "A' design award winners exhibition", MOOD, Como | IT
2014 "Ride Now", Object, Thessaloniki | GR
2013 "greek design = good design", Helexpo Place, Athens | GR
2013 "Summer", Object, Thessaloniki | GR
2012 "Recycling - Renaissance", Art Gallery, Hermoupolis | GR
2009 "Athens Video Art Festival",Technopolis, Athens | GR

2011, Diploma, Bsc & MEng, Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of Aegean, island of Syros

natasha chatziangeli design studio
45 politechniou st.
546 25 thessaloniki GR
+30 23130 51542 | 6942 962 535

Louvre Light

I was trying to find an image that represents the greek summer and to transform that in an object. Big sun, endless blue sea, clean sand, islands, transparent water. It was then about to remind myself of the very very first image that anyone has when he wakes up in Greece at summer time. Is the sunlight passes easily even from the closed shutters through louvres. This is the idea behind Louvre light, bright light passes through material without casting any shadows on itself either on the surfaces around, including a playful attitude at the same time. Chosen materials are the plexiglass, with different heights, half of them passed from sandblasting process for different diffusion effect, and the cork, all cutted in rings using a laser cutter machine. Changing their order accordingly the user defines the volume and the diffusion of the light, plus the aesthetic of the table lamp. There are endless combinations, playful user's experience, simple interaction, total control and safety.

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