Weekly Beings Diary 2017


The new way to remember the year! Draw your week by sketching over the week's "being" and create something really unique, using your imagination and analog media. Limited edition of 200 copies. The diary size is 15,5 x 11 cm, covered with yellow cotton fabric.

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The Weekly Beings Diary is a weekly calendar with a particular sketch - strokes of the pen - in each week, as a coloring books "for adults." Planning on the sketch, depending on the mood of the week , primarily using your imagination and with pencils, pens, making collages and everything else clauses, the sketch is transformed into something unique! At the end of the year group exhibition organized by the "being" creations. The project won prize EVGE2015 and has been awarded by Design & Design, International Design awards. Designed and manufactured in Greece. So, Draw your week! Imagine, create, enjoy!